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TeamSpeak (known as TS) is a communications application using the world wide web as a pathway for sending crystal crisp voice chat. TeamSpeak was originally targeted toward the competetive gaming communities. This application was created for allowing communication in online shooters. However, the same possibilities with games became extremely enticing with business. This application created an evolution in the online gaming community around ten years ago. Before TeamSpeak Servers all users knew of was in game voice chat, which are often infected with griefers.
If you play MMORPGs or perform detailed software work with various users on different computers in various countries, you already know the importance of a reliable voice chat connection to ensure clear, timely communication. Whether you need flexible control over your guild's chat, or a system with more reliability and features than your current system, TeamSpeak Servers are a interesting solution for WOW players, other MMORPG gamers, and anyone who relies on VOIP services for work or gaming needs.
A Free TeamSpeak Server server allows you to customise and adjust who you talk with, with full administrative functions that allow you to add or delete users at your leisure. Instantly, you get the power to extend slots and manage all aspects of the clans's online communications. With your own TeamSpeak server, you enjoy clear audio, administration controls, and a fully customisable and extensible permissions system.
With TeamSpeak, you have complete power over what you and your gamers connect on the internet. All you need is a mic and headset to start reaping the benefits of a TeamSpeak server.
You can rent a instance from any of the providers at TeamSpeak.com or go through the stress of installing the server software on your own. You can also connect to many Free TeamSpeak Servers with free channels or search more servers on Public TeamSpeak Server ListsTS Server Lists.

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